Webnewsmonitor – a tool for monitoring web media

Webnewsmonitor – a tool for monitoring web media Annemari Anttila Webnewsmonitor is an efficient, easy-to-use tool for monitoring news in the media. We are happy in our customership. Annemari Anttila Publicist, PAM ry

Webnewsmonitor follows the journalistic web media base closely and delivers the news items that are relevant for business to our customers. Within the monitoring realm are almost 200 e-papers and the essential blogs and discussion forums. Many companies and organizations use Webnewsmonitor to manage their reputation in the media, for daily news monitoring and measuring the effects of communications.

A comprehensive web media database

Webnewsmonitor is an efficient and evolved news monitoring service.

Nowadays more and more information is available. Finding the essential information quickly enough can be a challenge. Webnewsmonitor is a Finnish news monitoring service that follows web media extensively 24/7. Over 1300 Finnish journalistic web media representatives and hundreds of blogs as well as thousands of international media representatives are monitored. The service also covers over 200 e-papers. We make sure that you have the right information at the right time.

Webnewsmonitor is easy-to-use

Following the web media is effortless and you can use the product with just a few clicks.

We have invested in a very easy-to-use user interface, which is one of the most important features of our product, in addition to the vast media database. You get a daily email about the results of the news monitoring. This way, time will not be wasted on Internet search engines and you only get new and relevant information. If necessary, Webnewsmonitor follows the news in many different countries.

Customer service offers support in all situations

Webnewsmonitor always comes with personal service and support

Your own support person will help you throughout your customership. A free introduction to the use our product is included. Customer service is a cornerstone in our operation. At the beginning of each customership, we tailor our service to fit each company’s needs and arrange a free introduction on how to use our product.

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Do you want to know what is talked about in the media? Contact us and we will create a personalized solution for you company’s needs

Customer satisfaction is important to us. We are at your service in the implementation of the monitoring and answer to your needs quickly. If you are not a Webnewsmonitor customer yet, start using the service today or order a trial period.

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Suomen Journalistiliitto seuraa omaa julkisuutta ja toimialan uutisointia

Suomen Journalistiliitto seuraa omaa julkisuutta ja toimialan uutisointia Juha Rekola Naturally we follow our own union’s visibility in media with Webnewsmonitor. Juha Rekola Suomen Journalistiliitto

Juha Rekola from The Union of Journalists in Finland emphasizes the recognition of silent signals in communications. “We want to stay up-to-date with the news concerning our union and our operations. At the same time, we can monitor silent signals more comprehensively and estimate future topics for discussion and the challenges for quality journalism”, Rekola explains.

Webnewsmonitor Case

WebNewsMonitor customers

Amnesty International

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is an international human rights organization.

Kreab Gavin Anderson Oy

Kreab Gavin Anderson Oy

Kreab Gavin Anderson & is a communications agency that specializes in the corporate and organizational communications.
Katso toteutus



Eksote is an organization in South Karelia, that offers social and health services by supporting health care, elderly care and social services.



Tekes is a financial center in Finland, that supports innovation in industry and academic research projects.