2005 - Liana Technologies is founded

Liana Technologies is founded January 1st 2005. The vision is to produce marketing and communication tools for professionals. The founders share a common history in digital communication, which gives Liana Technologies a strong start. Liana Technologies begins with customer projects with the aim to acquire capital for the company's own product development.


2006 - towards LianaCMS

Days, nights and weekends are spent coding. As a result, in 2006 Liana Technologies publishes its first product, LianaCMS - content management system. After only a few weeks the product is sold to a first customer, who is still using LianaCMS for their web services today. LianaCMS is offered as a cloud service, though the term was not even invented by then. The service is simply called "LianaCMS maintenance service".


2007 - LianaMailer is published

LianaCMS got a good reception but need for new marketing tools is emerging. In late 2007, LianaMailer's first version is launched. Liana Technologies employs now ten people, and is eager to become international. A sales office is founded in Tarto, Estonia, to support the growth abroad, but as recession hits about a year later, the office has to be shut down. However, LianaMailer has gained a strong foothold in Finland and the number of satisfied customer is growing.


2008 - towards stable growth path despite recession

Year 2008 passes with contradictory feelings. The demand for Liana Technologies' products is growing, but on the other hand economy in general is suffering. Liana Technologies decides to invest in customer service, sales and product development, and recruit more people to LianaCommerce sales and development. LianaMailer and LianaCMS continue to develop while at the same time the company focuses on domestic markets and developing the network of partners.


2009 - Liana products pay off

Investments made to Liana product family pay off in 2009. As a result, many customer specific product development projects are given up, as they are taking too much of the development team's time. Liana Technologies becomes a real software company. Sales organisation is growing, and at the same time many listed companies start using Liana products outside Finnish borders as well. In 2009, Liana Technologies reaches € 0,95M revenue, the growth being approximately 33%. 


2010 - number 15 in Deloitte Technology Fast list

Liana Technologies gets notable recognition in 2010, as it receives the provincial entrepreneur award. As the turnover increases to € 1,54M (+65,8%), it is time to find a new location for the headquarters. Criteria include more space and a sauna so that the sport enthusiasts would get a fresh start to the new day after a workout in the morning. The year ends on a good note as Liana Technologies is number 15 on the Deloitte Technology Fast list, and also the fastest growing technology company in Oulu, Finland.


2011 - LianaCMS version 6000

Product development is hectic, and during 2011, LianaCMS passes the landmark of the 6000th version. This means about three updates or improvements per day. Liana Technologies's biggest customers are taking the company outside Finnish borders as Liana products are being used in 29 different countries. First international employees start in Liana Technologies, one from China and the other one from Russia. For the second successive year, Liana Technologies grows over 60% and is number 11 on Deloitte Technology Fast list.


2012 - National entrepreneur award

The company's long-term investments to own technology pay off, as a versatile platform that enables fast scaling is developed - Liana Marketing Cloud is launched in 2012. In October 2012, Liana Technologies receives the national entrepreneur award in a gala with 2000 guests and the President of Finland present. At the end of the year, LianaTechnologies has almost 60 employees on Oulu, Finland.