8 tips to personalize your emails

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8 tips to personalize your emails Personalized subject lines can increase open rates up to a whopping 41%.

Have you ever wondered how to make your newsletters distinct and easy to notice?

Personalized email marketing is crucial to make your emails stand out. In fact, personalized email campaigns improve click-through rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10% (Aberdeen).

Keep on reading to learn the 8 best email personalization practices.

1. Segment email lists

Segmenting your lists is a good way to start with personalization campaigns. Collect relevant data about your subscribers through sign-up forms and segment the customers accordingly.

You can segment your clients based on:

  • Geography
  • Interests in certain products
  • Participation in your events
  • Content download
  • Position on the customer path
  • Pages they visit

2. Talk to them with their name

Using a real name turns your email marketing into a real personal relationship.

A personalized email by Grammarly using a person's first name in the body of the email

Grammarly gently shows Mike their love and care with this personalized note.

Apart from adding a recipient’s name to the body of an email, you can also reference it in the subject line.

Researches confirm that personalized subject lines can increase open rates up to a whopping 41%.

3. Send behavior triggers

Sending emails based on a customer’s action ensures that you keep track of their position on the customer’s journey. Behavior triggers are also a good way to re-engage clients who have fallen off the map.

Having an agile marketing automation platform helps to identify behavior patterns of customers and deliver the right content in time.

A personalized email by Teespring sent to a client who has not used the service for a long time

An emotional email (like this one by Teespring) is a strong way to keep your clients engaged.

4. Create standouts

Looking for an original way to reach out to a customer? Show your clients that you know them with a creative personalized message.

Here are some examples of such emails:

  • Happy customership anniversary
  • Top client
  • Birthday greetings

A personalized email by Harry's expressing gratitudes for using their products and suggesting to send two razors to friends

With this friendly email, Harry’s makes a customer feel special and boosts sales at the same time.

5. Give them tips and tricks to better use the products they purchased

Provide the opportunity to take the most out of your product or service. Tell about the features a client hasn’t used yet or hasn’t been aware of.

Ensuring that your buyers can constantly learn something new will increase their loyalty and satisfaction.

A personalized email by Flock listing tips and tricks on boosting productivity with Flock's tools

Flock helps its customers become project management rock stars by occasionally sending tips on using the tool.

6. Reach out at the right time

Value their time: deliver your message when a customer is ready to read it. Make sure you know the best time for your emails to be opened. With an email marketing platform, you can easily track the time and date your messages were read.

Having this data at hand allows you to send your messages at the appropriate time.

Open rates statistics LianaMailer

Try out different timeslots for sending your emails and see what time performs best in terms of open rates. This way, you will find out the best delivery times for your target audience.

7. Suggest relevant products

Direct a client towards a purchase by offering them only relevant products. Keep track of their purchasing history to provide recommendations based on their previous choice.

A personalized email by Charles Tyrwhitt suggesting relevant products at the end based on the previous purchases

Charles Tyrwhitt provides a great shopping experience by recommending only relevant clothes.

8. Link to the relevant content on the webpage

An important part of email marketing is where you direct a reader. Link to the content which supports a newsletter's story and a client's interests.

For instance, when you send an email promoting 15% off the jewelry in your online store, personalize the link in a CTA button depending on which jewelry items a particular client has browsed before.


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